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2021-05-18 來源:思潤教育
The two maps give information about the center of a town called Islip now and its development plan in the future. Overall,a lot of modfications can be observed during this period.
比如;地圖題; WRITING TASK1(ELTS 12 test 6)
The maps below show the center of a smalltown called Islip as it is now,and plans for its development. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
主體段第一段∶寫第一張圖的概況, 一定注意只是寫概況
First of all,according to the map describing Islip town center now, the center is close to a countryside. Many shops are located along the two sides of the main road. Two housing areas,a school and apark are situated in the southern part of the town center.
4. 地圖題主體段第二段寫什么?
A 在B 的東方/西方/南方/北方→一A is/lies/ is located/is situated in/on/to the east/west/south/north of B·A在B 內部的某個部位→一A is in the easterr/ southern/ western/ northern part of
B.A在B西北部的120 千米處→→→Alies 120 km to the northwest of B. A在B...角落→→Ais at/in the south-eastern corner of B (at 表示A在B 外部 in 表A在B 內部)·在河流或道路的南/北邊等→On the south/southem side of the river On both sides of the road。臨近馬路的地區→,→一The area adjacent to/ near /next to/ just off the road 在道路或河流的最南端→一At the southern end of the river·A 在B 的對面→→A is on the opposite side of B A在B東部的邊界上(A在B 外部)-—→Ais on the easterm border of B A在B 東部邊緣上 (A在B 內部)→→→Ais on/ along the eastern edge of B第二部分∶表變化的詞∶原有事物可說成∶ The original/previous/former garden 原有事物尺寸變大/度變小∶The size of the library has been extended/halved/reduced by half
The number of homes has increased/risen/grown/reduced/decreased/dropped/fallen/ doubled/ ripled/ to 500 ·原有事物沒了∶ The farms completely disappeared/were removed. 原有事物被改為∶A becomes B
A is transformed/reconstructed/redeveloped/converted/changed/tumed over to/ into B Ais replaced /substituted by B
Based on the second map predicting the future development of the town center, we can learn that the area of the center will be expanded and be transformed into an oval shape surrounded by a wider dual carriage, which currently is a single road. The countryside will disappear.
Inside the oval-shaped carriageway, a pedestrian way will be built in the central area of the town center. In the northern side of the pedestrian way, anew housing area will be equipped with a bus station, a shopping center and a car park.To the opposite side of this way, there are still many shops. A housing area is located in the southwestern corner of the central area,a new housing area lies next to a park whose size will almost reduce by half in the southeastern part of central area.
Outside the oval-shaped carriageway, there will still be a housing area and a school located in the south of the town center.

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