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2018-04-20 來源:思潤教育


  Top college graduates are having more difficultydemonstrating their superiority to prospective employers than did the topstudents of twenty years ago when an honors degree was distinction enough.Today’s employers are less impressed with the honors degree. Twenty years agono more than 10 percent of a given class graduated with honors. Today, however,because of grade inflation, the honors degree goes to more than 50 percent of agraduating class. Therefore, to restore confidence in the degrees they award,colleges must take steps to control grade inflation.

  Which one of the following is an assumption that, if true,would support the conclusion in the passage?

  (A) Today’s studentsare not higher achievers than the students of twenty years ago.

  (B) Awarding too manyhonors degrees causes colleges to inflate grades.

  (C) Today’s employersrely on honors ranking in making their hiring decisions.

  (D) It is not easyfor students with low grades to obtain jobs.

  (E) Colleges mustmake employers aware of the criteria used to determine who receives an honordegree.

  參考答案: A

  思路: 如果現在的優秀學生數量比20年前多,那么授予更多的honor degree就很正常了,也許除了榮譽學位,學生應該用別的方面來證明自己。所以只有當現在的學生素質不值得被授予象20年前那樣的榮譽學位的時候,整個論證才有道理。

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