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2018-04-17 來源:思潤教育



  There is no such thing as purely objective observation.All observation is subjective;it is always guided by the observer's expectations or desires.



  The writer of the issue focuses his/her attention on the detail and extremely stares at the minutia, blinding to the main part of the problem. According to my feeling, the issue is ramshackle to deliberate.

  Following the author's logic that all observations are distorted by observer's expectations or desires, all things in the world are unsuitable for meanings that is endowed by human language. If so, can the clean water be called clean? If we fetch a drop of water from a cup of clean water and then observe it under a microscope, many kinds of impurity can be dectected; can a brave man be a real brave one? Sometimes,even the bravest general may get worried: he/she worries that his army maight be conquered by the rival, he/she worries about the situation of his/her country, he/she worries about his/her familily. If all languages should be as accurate to depict things in the world as the inicial appearence of them, there might be no language nowadays.

  "Pure" and "impure", "brave"and "craven", "clean" and "dirty", are just three pairs of relative conceptions. It is impossible to portray degree of the pure so accurate that completely the same with its original shape, as there is no absolute pure in the world at all. In the sense, those who are brave in some aspects may be not so brave, water that are clean in the sight of some people may be regarded as dirty. One who doesn't behave very well in the army but can exert his/her gift in research and holds the courage to clime to the pinnale of science, may be regared as craven in the army while considered as hero in science; water which is clean for drinking may not be clean enough for injection. In different places and for different people, definition of the same conception may be largely different.

  However, the author of the issue considers that if there are observer's expectations or desires, observation is subjective. It means that if there is impurity in the pure, the pure things are impure. If the hero behaves quail under any circumstance, the hero is unsuitable for the coronal of "hero". We should concern more on the mainstream of an object, not the minor detail. Those who have been always brave or in his/her paticular fields embody a spirit that is lacked for others, they can be entitled with brave man too.

  In the same sense, those water that is clean for its utility, it is also clean water. Only impurities in the water exceeds the standard, can we define it as "dirty water".Unavoidable, observation is always guided by the observer's expectations or desires,however, we should discriminate objective observation and sujective observation. It is arbitrary to conclude that all observations are sujective, taking no background into accout. Observation that is guided by the observer's expectations or desires under the normal lever is still the objective observation.


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