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2018-05-09 來源:思潤教育



  laws should not be stationary and fixed. instead, they should be flexible enough to take account of various circumstances, times, and places.



  should laws be stable and fixed or be flexible in taking consideration of various factors such as circumstances, times and places? the speaker concludes that instead of being stationary, laws should be constantly changing. the speaker’s claim have merits in declaring that law should be flexible enough to take account of various circumstances since adaptation to changing social environment is how the law properly guard the function of social engine and the general welfare of people as a whole. but to some extent, we would not go too much in neglecting to importance of the stability of laws because they are the principles we adhere to in our daily life, if changed too abruptly and constantly, will result in egregious chaos and confusion.

  keeping stability, consistency of laws is indispensable in helping people to make prediction of the consequence of their behaviors and figure out the legal obligation and rights exerted upon them by the legal system. in the personal level, consistency of laws defines the properness and legality of their doings and thus endows people with sense of security and good citizenship. if as the speaker claimed that laws should never be stationary or fixed, people face the threat of being constantly threw into turbid mud of bewilderment and insecurity and finally lose their sight in how to adapt to sudden alternation of in this aspect or another.

  another example that aptly illustrates this is in the field of business. as we know, the ultimate goal of a business is to maximize its profit of shareholders within the framework of laws to define that a enterprises function within this framework, obey its obligation and hamper no interest of the general welfare of the society. in order for a enterprises to thrive, it must carefully study the relevant business laws, including anti-dumping law and torts, etc.given the choice, most leaders are unwilling to see the prospect that laws are constantly changing since it takes time and effort to build a well-defined frames within companies and overthrow established practice and code would demand another round of revising and reevaluation....



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