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2018-04-25 來源:思潤教育




  My first Summer Camp left such a deep impression on me that I can still recall the details of that experience with happiness. It was organized by our school,and participants consisted of students from three grades. We set off early on one drizzling morning. We were supposed to walk to the destination, which was a 30 kilometres away in distance. At first,we talked and sang when we were walking. We didn't feel exhausted at all. After a while,the sky cleared up,and the sun shone brightly,yet we began to feel tired and reluctant to move forward. The teacher encouraged us to behave like soldiers and overcome any difficulty we could face. Four hours had passed before we could have something to eat,and then after the meal we spent another three and a half hours walking towards the destination. It was the first time for me to travel such a long distance on foot. Later,whenever I feel too exhausted to move on and want to give up in the face of impediment, I will think of this travel,from which I got a precious lesson----hold on,you can make a miracle.

  我的第一次夏令營經歷給我留下了深刻的印象,至今我仍可以回憶起很多幸福的細節來。那次夏令營是由我們的學校組織,由三年級學生參與的。我們在一個濛濛小雨的早上集合,預計步行30公里到達目的地。剛開始的行進中,我們有說有唱的,充滿著干勁??蛇^了一段時間, 天空放晴,太陽的照射,讓我們開始感到疲倦而不愿意繼續前行。老師鼓勵我們要像士兵一樣去克服任何要面對的困難。過了4個小時,我們才可以吃點東西,吃過飯后,我們又用了3個半小時走向目的地。這是我第一次徒步走了這么長的距離。后來,每當我覺得疲憊,開始動搖, 打算在障礙前放棄的時候,我都會想到這次行軍經歷。它給我上了寶貴的一課——堅持,你就可以創造奇跡。


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